Are You Looking for a New Hoodie?

Do you already have a pretty impressive collection of sweatshirts and hoodies? Maybe right now you are focusing on buying a new Rasta zip-up hoodie or a concert hoodie to add to your collection. If you have your eye on a specific one, then you don't need to read another word. But, if you're looking for ideas on your next zip-up hoodie, consider these designs. Then, go shopping!

There Are Great Choices - Zip-up hoodies come in so many great designs that you pretty much can't make a mistake on the one you end up with. 

  • If you want something really unique, go with a hoodie that displays a strong lion's face and his mane when the zipper is all the way up. That hoodie might send the message that you are also powerful.
  • Do you like to wear crosses because you are a religious individual? If so, choose a hoodie that has a cryptic cross as the focal point of the design.
  • If you are super style-conscious, you might love a colorful striped hoodie where the hood part matches up with the top of the stripe on the backside of the hoodie.
  • Maybe you are all about laughs and you are fun-loving. If that is a pretty good description of your personality, look for a zip-up hoodie that has cartoon comic characters covering the entire hoodie. That will for sure be a conversation starter.
  • If you want something very understated, choose a plain black zip-up hoodie that has colorful stripes going down the entire length of the sleeves.

The great part about buying a zip-up hoodie is that most of them are designed in a unisex style. That means that if you're with your sweetheart and it turns out to be a cold day, he or she will feel comfortable wearing the hoodie that tops your T-shirt. Or, you can always throw another one in your backpack or in the back seat of your car so you'll always have an extra to lend your sweetheart or anybody else that might need to borrow it.

While your new hoodie might go safely through the washer and dryer, it will probably last longer if you give it more attention. For instance, spot clean it when it's not totally dirty. When it does need total washing, think of not putting it in the dryer. Just lay it flat and let it dry naturally.