Keeping Your Workers Safe Starts With Their Clothing

Whether you run an industrial work site or a construction business, keeping your employees safe should be one of your top concerns. As an employer or even a supervisor, an essential part of your job is making sure that you go above and beyond when it comes to workplace safety. Although you can't (and probably shouldn't) always control what your employees do or where they go, you can keep them safe wherever they are by ensuring they wear high-visibility clothing like work safety vests. This article explores the various options you can consider when choosing work safety vests for your employees

Color and Reflectivity

Work safety vests come in two primary colors: orange and yellow. You can occasionally find other colors, such as pink or green, but orange and yellow are classic for a very good reason: they are almost always visible. If your crew tends to work at night, however, the color might not be an essential consideration when you are choosing safety clothing. All vests, regardless of color, should be highly reflective so that they are visible to anyone operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

Zipper or Breakaway Closures

All clothing that is designed to be used in an industrial setting should be equipped to handle anything a tough job might throw at it. Generally, work safety vests have two durable closure designs. Zipper closures are used because they are easy to open and close while wearing gloves and won't catch on anything while being worn. Velcro closures and snaps are used as breakaway closures to ensure additional safety. If any of your employees' vests are snagged by heavy equipment, they will simply break open so that the vest is moved but the person is not. When choosing a closure option, consider the dangers of your worksite and the tasks that your employees will be doing.

Pockets for Storage

If you want your employees to wear their vests diligently, it is a good idea to make sure they include pockets. With important tools stored close at hand, your employees will be more likely to enjoy using their new vests, and they may become more productive, too. Plus, if the vests are seen as a useful tool rather than an unnecessary policy change, your employees may consider them a perk rather than an annoyance.

Hopefully, you feel more prepared to choose work safety vests that will keep your employees visible, safe, and productive. To learn more about these vests and other types of high-visibility clothing, contact a work clothing manufacturer in your area.