Modest Denim Skirts: A History

Denim has been a staple in many people's closets since the mid-1800s. Denim was invented in France and was made by weaving together strands of indigo and white threads. Denim as we know it today, made of cotton and riveted, was invented in 1873 by a tailor in Nevada who tried to create heavy-duty, durable pants for workers. The resulting jeans spread quickly and were very popular for practical reasons, but soon people were wearing denim as a style statement.

Because of the way that denim is weaved, it wears in a unique way, allowing the indigo to fade and the white to show through, which makes each piece of denim a personalized work of art over time. Through the years, denim was used to make pants, overalls, jackets, and eventually, modest denim skirts.

Women had been wearing denim in the form of pants for thirty years when, in the 1970s, during the hippie movement, hippies came up with the idea to recycle old jeans. They cut them apart and sewed the legs together to form modest denim skirts that reached down to their ankles just like jeans. These skirts were comfortable and had the trademark wear and durability of denim jeans which quickly made them popular.

Women also started to embellish the simple skirts with lace fringes, sequins, or painted flowers and designs in fabric paint. With the growing popularity of the style, many types of denim skirts started to appear with different lengths and cuts, some staying close to their roots as jeans with a button-up fly, and others looking more like skirts with zippers up the back. Modest dark denim pencil skirts were one popular option, with a long but fitted look.

It's clear that a modest dark denim skirt is a classic that will never go out of style. A modest denim skirt has a sleek cut that hearkens back to its history in the 1970s and is flattering on anyone. When you are looking for a modest dark denim skirt online, you should look for the skirt that will be right for you. Skirts made of 100% cotton will be durable and give you that classic denim look, but skirts with some polyester or elastic give a stretch that can be more comfortable and will hug your curves.

Some modest dark denim skirts come already distressed for that chic, worn-in look, others are crisp and clean. Whatever style suits you best, you can find modest dark denim skirts online from many different vendors.