Are You Expecting Your First Baby? 3 Benefits Of Using A Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder

Expecting your first child is exciting, and you are likely fully immersed in a world full of baby products that all claim to make life easier. While you will definitely need diapers and feeding supplies, you may also want to think about how some of the products can help you enjoy parenting more. A hands free baby bottle holder offers the benefits of allowing your baby to eat in a proper position that helps to reduce gas and discomfort. However, it also has a few benefits specifically for parents. As you explore this option for feeding your baby, consider these three ways that it makes life as a new parent easier overall.

Focus More Attention On Your Infant

People sometimes joke that parents have more than two arms, but your lack of multiple limbs becomes increasingly obvious once you are feeding your infant. With a traditional bottle feeding hold, one of your hands must always be on the bottle. For slow feeders, this can mean long periods of time where you have to focus on holding the bottle in the right position. You might also start to feel like your hand and arm hurts after being stuck in the position for so long. A hands free infant bottle holder allows you to relax and just enjoy the moment. You can use your extra free hand to stroke your newborn's precious head or snuggle even closer.

Practice Self-Care

The best parents know that they also need to take care of themselves so that they can have the energy and health that they need to care for their infant. After missing a meal or two due to a baby feeding schedule, you might be getting frustrated. Keeping your hands free while your baby eats means that you can hold them in your lap and have a free hand for eating your meal. This can also translate to other activities such as reading a book, checking on a quick text, or even running a comb through your hair while you are short on time.

Stop Bottle Throwing

As your baby grows, you can enjoy even more benefits of the hands free holder for easing the frustrations of parenting. While it is an exciting moment when your baby can hold their own bottle, you may discover that they find exploring the concept of cause and effects even more interesting. Bottle throwing is easily stopped when the bottle is held securely in the holder. Your baby will be able to enjoy their meal without stopping periodically to see how many times they can make you go play fetch.