Why Does The Baby Gown Have Knots?

Maybe you're having your first. Or maybe it's not your first, but it's been a while. Trends in child-raising seem to change from moment to moment, and it's hard to stay on top of things. So what are the advantages of knotted baby gowns? You've probably read about them or seen them and just couldn't quite figure out what the heck was going on with them. 

Most knotted baby gowns, aside from being long enough to tie into a knot just below where baby's feet come to rest, also come with fold-over mitts and lap shoulders. The mitts are largely to keep baby from scratching themselves and are fairly standard in babywear, as are the lap shoulders. You may not have heard the terminology, but you've seen them. They are so you can pull the gown down the body rather than over the head. This is intended to help with the diaper incidents you will run into along the way. You'll see them in onesies and other baby garments. 

So what's the big deal?

All you have to do to contain the baby is to tie a knot. You don't need to try to get tiny snaps to snap back together. There is no velcro, or buttons, or zippers. You just need to know how to do one of the most basic knots in order to secure your baby in this type of nightie. If you think about changing the baby's diaper at 3:30 am, you might start to understand the appeal of this type of baby gear. 

These types of gowns also have some of the benefits of sleep sacks, but with the knotted gowns, it is much easier to do diaper changes.

The other half of the appeal is that, because they're long and tend to be made of stretchy material and because you can just change where you're tying the knot as they grow, the baby can wear them for a bit longer than they can wear most baby clothing. Because these gowns are the hip, new thing in baby gear, you can also find them just about anywhere and in just about any type of pattern or color you could want. Whether you want all the solids you can ask for, camouflage, or star fields, you can kit your baby out in whatever catches your fancy. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that sells knotted baby gowns.