Tips For Picking Out Your First Tap Shoes

Tap dancing is one of the most energizing and exciting types of dance, but in order to tap dance properly, you really need the right shoes. Picking your first pair of shoes can be a little daunting since you don't yet know what you like or what to look for in shoes. Everyone has somewhat different preferences, and you will learn what your preferences are as time goes on. But for your first time buying tap shoes, these tips will benefit you.

Look for shoes with attached taps.

You can find shoes that are sold without taps — you would need to separately purchase taps to attach to these shoes. You can also buy shoes with attached taps, which are the better choice for first-timers. Leave the shoes without taps for more advanced dancers and pros; they buy this type because they have a very specific type of tap in mind to attach to them. As a beginner, you don't need to be worried about separately shopping for and attaching custom taps. 

Aim for a snug fit.

Most tap shoes are made from leather, and leather shoes are notorious for stretching out a little as they are worn. So when you are first looking at shoes, you want to buy a pair that feels just slightly snug on your feet. If you buy a pair that's even the tiniest bit loose, it might be too loose within a few hours of wear, and tap dancing in loose shoes is really tough. Don't just buy the size you wear in street shoes. Try them on. It's not uncommon for dancers to wear a size or half-size smaller in tap shoes than in street shoes.

Look for lower tops.

As you browse shoe options, you will notice that some come higher up on the ankle than others. There are some dancers who prefer a higher top or ankle support or because they have unique foot and ankle anatomy. But unless you know for certain that you fall into one of these categories, you should go with lower-top shoes at first. It is better to feel that your tops are a little low than to have a too-high top digging into your ankle as you dance.

If you follow these tips, you will have better luck finding great tap shoes your first time around. Evaluate what you do and do not like about the shoes over the next few months, and you can make an even smarter purchase the second time around.

To learn more, contact a store that sells tap shoes in your area.