Seven Tips For Styling And Wearing Boots This Fall

With autumn just around the corner, it is not too early to be expanding your wardrobe to include some fresh fall looks. Among this season's must-haves are a great pair of boots, ideally leather, and the taller the better!

Seven tips for styling and wearing boots all fall are:

1. Only Buy Quality Boots

Skip the trendy styles that won't hold up over time; instead, invest in a quality pair of boots, such as a pair of handcrafted Portuguese leather boots. After all, these boots will become a staple of your closet, so don't skimp to save a few bucks when it comes to comfortable and durable footwear for fall.

2. Keep Them Clean

Never wear unkempt boots that are dusty, dingy, or drab. Clean them up and keep your boots clean and oiled to protect the leather façade. Take extra care to remove stains and keep the leather conditioned so it stays supple with wear.

3. Make a Statement with Shorts

Who says you can't wear shorts with your favorite boots? Wear high top boots with a pair of shorts and tights for a fresh fall look that seems retro-inspired.

4. Find Boots for your Figure

Choose boots that will complement your figure and shape. For instance, less-slouchy boots will make you look taller, while booty-style boots bring attention to your legs. Boots that hit just below the knee tend to make the wearer look slimmer.

5. Add Some Boot Jewelry

Right now, shoe and boot jewelry is very trendy; wear it with your favorite Portuguese leather boots to change things up and bring versatility to your fall wardrobe. The selection of boot jewelry is becoming vast, so look online for the most purchase options.

6. Measure Your Calves

A lot of times the problem with finding boots to fit is the shafts; the shafts need to fit and be comfortable on your calves for the boots to fit properly. Make the effort to measure your calves to determine if the boot will be snug, slouchy, or if it simply won't work at all.

7. Always Wear Socks

Never make the mistake of skipping socks under your leather boots this fall. First, this can be uncomfortable and cause blisters; second, you can soil the inside of the boots and even make them smell funky. Wear breathable cotton or merino wool socks!

Remember that quality is key when looking at stylish boots to add to your wardrobe for fall. Choose handcrafted boots from natural materials, like gorgeous Portuguese leather high top boots. Remember that a good pair of leather boots is an investment that you can use for many years to come.

For more tips, reach out to a company that offers products like fine leather high top boots.