Two Tips For Dance Team Captains Who Need To Choose Outfits For Their Team

If you're the captain of a dance team and you need to decide what type of outfit you should all wear for your performances, these tips could help you with this important task.

Consider ordering some custom dri-fit clothing

In this situation, the clothes you pick out for you and your teammates should be customized and made from dri-fit fabrics. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, if you buy non-customized, generic dancewear, there is a chance that when you show up at your next dance competition, another competing team might be wearing the same apparel. This could not only be embarrassing but might also lead to some confusion amongst the audience and the competition judges, as you will all look the same. As such, it's important to have your dance team's outfits customized so that they look unique. To achieve this, you could not only add the name of your dance team to the back of each top, but could also have a logo, relating to your team name, embossed onto these garments.

The items should also be designed from dri-fit fabric. This is crucial, as this fabric will ensure that any sweat you or your teammates produce during your rigorous dance performances will evaporate, instead of creating sweat stains that might spoil your otherwise glamorous outfits. Additionally, choosing a fabric that keeps your bodies cool and dry when you're dancing will ensure you do not get so hot that you feel like passing out, even during points of the performance when you're pushing yourself very hard.

Make sure the clothing colors you choose suit all of your teammates

When picking the colors for your customized clothes, you have to choose ones that will suit every single member of your dance team. This might not be easy if some members have completely different coloring to other members; you may, for instance, need to order some sample garments in various hues and see if they look good against each team member's hair color and skin tone.

Even if it takes a lot of time, it's important to do this, because if one or more of your teammates has to wear a dance outfit that they look drab in (because, for example, it is in a color that clashes with their hair), they might not feel confident when wearing it. As a result of this, when they perform in it, they might lack that spark of enthusiasm that is needed in order to dance really well.

Talk to a custom dri-fit clothing supplier to learn more.