Clothing For The Versatile Woman

Women, whether in the workplace or at home, are always moving. Whether meeting friends for lunch or rushing to make it to the morning meeting, they are in need of clothing that does not hinder them. When considering a wardrobe that encourages versatility, a few considerations must be made. Primarily, when it comes to the comfort of clothing as well as colors, a woman's wardrobe can greatly be enhanced by choosing the right items. 

Comfort is key when it comes to women's clothing. Clothes that restrict or confine you hinder your ability to move around comfortably, so this must be taken into consideration. Tighter fitting clothing might feel constricting, so when choosing something for the purpose of versatility, it is best to go with whatever is most comfortable. Wide-leg trousers or flowing skirts are both extremely comfortable items of clothing while being incredibly versatile and able to go with scores of tops to match.

If something more constricting like skinny jeans is preferred, it is best to choose a fabric in which you do not feel confined but at ease in your own skin. Fabrics that include elastic and spandex are excellent examples of what to look for in such clothing, allowing for a stylish aesthetic without losing any comfort. Colors are also very important when it comes to versatile clothing. Choosing neutrals is always a classic and smart choice as this palette can easily be paired with bright and bold accessories for a punch of color. Warmer browns and tans can bring in the crisp, cooler season approaching paired with scarves or hats that give a subtle nod to the season. Black is an especially versatile color to consider when choosing clothing as it can easily be dressed up or work for more casual interactions. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to choosing clothing specifically intended for versatility is that the pieces should be of higher quality and easy to pair with other items. These pieces will become treasured staples in the closet that can remain for years while being paired with newer additions. Being comfortable should be at the top of your priorities when choosing these particular items as you will need them to be as consistent and versatile as you are. Colors, likewise, will make a big difference in how you are able to more easily express yourself while maintaining the ability to easily pair outfits with desired accessories. With these in mind, your closet will soon be filled with a variety of outfits that can fit any occasion. 

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