How To Buy Vintage Dresses That Look Great & Last

When you shop for vintage pieces, you want to make the most of your money. Buying older items can be a gamble, especially if you have no idea how they will hold up in the wash. You also want to make sure that the style still works today. The good news is that vintage dresses can be a great option for even the most discerning buyers. These tips will help you shop for vintage dresses you can wear every day.

Look for Dresses You Can Pair Well

Pairing your vintage dresses can take your look from costume to cool. Shop for dresses that you can pair with modern shoes, hats, stockings, jackets, and cardigans. This will help you avoid looking as if you are wearing a Halloween costume.

Be Prepared To Tailor Items

What if you find a vintage dress that you love, but it looks baggy? Wearing vintage items that are too big can be a mistake, making you look slouchy rather than fashionable. A tailor can help you get the right fit for a dress so that you look fashionable even in the most vintage of items.

Pay Close Attention to Fabrics

The fabric of the dress will make a huge difference in how well it lasts. Pay attention to the materials so that you can wash the items appropriately. You may find that some items require special care, and failing to take proper care of a dress could mean that it does not hold up in the wash.

Find the Right Undergarments

Have you found that many vintage items do not seem to work as well because of undergarments? Underwear and bras have changed a lot over the years. You might want to add an underskirt to a vintage dress to get the full appearance you are looking for under the skirt. Or perhaps you want to find a bra in the right shape for the dress to hold up.

Be Careful About Stains

Stains can be a major issue when you are trying to buy vintage dresses. If a stain has been sitting for decades, it is not likely to come out. Make sure you have a plan if you buy clothing items that are stained.

Buy a Vintage Dress Today

You have plenty of vintage dress options to choose from. Take your time finding the right dresses that will last. A vintage dress can be worn for many years to come if you choose wisely. Visit a vintage clothing shop, such as 5 Star Vintage, to learn more.